Project 2 asks you to develop and publish an exhibit that shares a detailed, meaningful look into the lives of Black students at WCU. Your goal for this publication is (a) to store, generate, and preserve knowledge about the multiple experiences of black college students, and (b) to use this knowledge-building and public sharing as a catalyst for transformation. This project can replace your grade for project 1. 


  • Your exhibit should compose a planned, deliberate path through a moment of importance to understanding and appreciating the lives of Black students at WCU. 
  • Your exhibit should have around 15 items. 
  • Your exhibit should engage in both archival memory (by relating the details of these artifacts) and interpretation (by identifying and detailing the meaning and significance of artifacts and lacunae from the past).
  • Your exhibit should use pages to order a reader’s path through your exhibit, organizing artifacts and a reader’s response to those artifacts.
  • Your exhibit will adopt a narrative tone of academic factual presentation, using the ethos of that tone to present the artifacts to an audience experienced in the contours of museums, libraries, and archives. 
  • Your project must account for the remembered and the forgotten, developing a conscious perspective that is aware of itself as a curated exhibit.
  • Your exhibit should develop a robust curator’s statement that gives a rationale for the exhibit and clearly identifies the values, methodologies, and significant issues present within the curation of the exhibit. 


Propose a topic for Project 2: Due Monday April 6 12 noon

Conference with your instructors on Project 2: Ongoing, once each week

Exhibit Plan (draft) for Project 2: Due Monday April 20 12 noon

Exhibit Due: Friday, May 8 at 12 noon