“Alternate Modes of Instruction”

Syllabus Update

Original Syllabus
Alternate Syllabus

Weekly Research (3/7)6.5%% 
Weekly Research Part 16.5%

Short Project 115%
Short Project 115%

Presentation 17%
Presentation 17%

Reading Responses4%
Reading Responses 4%
Not Completed

Short Project 215%

Large Project30%
Project 250%

Presentations 2 & 314%
Weekly Research Part 217.5%

Weekly Research (4/7)8.5%

Assignments and Expectations

Our course has three options for completing the work of the term:

  1. In light of the unusual events of the last several weeks, we offer any student in the course who wishes to be graded on the total of their work so far to opt out of work for the remainder of the session. This option is the default option for the rest of the term: if you do NOT contact us, we will presume you are so engaged with beyond-college life that you would benefit from this option.
  2. Any student who wishes to continue the work of the term will build a second research project. This second research project will have the same guidelines as the first project in terms of length and scope (~15 items total in 1 Exhibit). This project will be due Exam week. The second project, and the items submitted that help comprise the second project, will total 67.5% of the grade, which together with the work from before break total 100%.
  3. Any student who wishes to replace the work from face-to-face (prior to Spring Break) and be graded solely on their work from the online portion of the class, can make that election. For those students, the 2nd project is worth 67% and the items are worth 33%, totaling 100%.

Class Meetings

Following the move to alternate instruction, we offer the following modifications to the course syllabus:

  1. Each week, our course will meet on Wednesdays at 10 am for drop in Zoom time. These are public, class-wide zoom sessions. Students can drop in on Zoom and discuss the course, out of course work, and current events. This takes the place of in class discussion. These are optional. 
  2. Each week, Profs. Burns and Cream are available for conferences, check-ins, and discussions. These private meetings allow discussions about grades and other private material. Make an appointment for these with Dr. Burns http://meetme.so/mburns2 or Dr. Cream http://meetme.so/rcream. This takes the place of out-of-class office hours and workshop time. 

New/Revised Assignments

Here are the revised assignments

Project 2

Project 2 asks you to develop and publish an exhibit that shares a detailed, meaningful look into the lives of Black students at WCU. Your goal for this publication is (a) to store, generate, and preserve knowledge about the multiple experiences of black college students, and (b) to use this knowledge-building and public sharing as a catalyst for transformation. This project can replace your grade for project 1. 


  • Your exhibit should compose a planned, deliberate path through a moment of importance to understanding and appreciating the lives of Black students at WCU. 
  • Your exhibit should have around 15 items. 
  • Your exhibit should engage in both archival memory (by relating the details of these artifacts) and interpretation (by identifying and detailing the meaning and significance of artifacts and lacunae from the past).
  • Your exhibit should use pages to order a reader’s path through your exhibit, organizing artifacts and a reader’s response to those artifacts.
  • Your exhibit will adopt a narrative tone of academic factual presentation, using the ethos of that tone to present the artifacts to an audience experienced in the contours of museums, libraries, and archives. 
  • Your project must account for the remembered and the forgotten, developing a conscious perspective that is aware of itself as a curated exhibit.
  • Your exhibit should develop a robust curator’s statement that gives a rationale for the exhibit and clearly identifies the values, methodologies, and significant issues present within the curation of the exhibit. 


Propose a topic for Project 2: Due Monday April 6 12 noon

Conference with your instructors on Project 2: Ongoing, once each week

Exhibit Plan (draft) for Project 2: Due Monday April 20 12 noon

Exhibit Due: Friday, May 8 at 12 noon

Weekly Research

Your weekly research was 3/7 due by the end of Spring Break. You have two choices for the Weekly Research: 

(a) build on your existing Weekly Research, receiving credit for the work you did before Break. If you do this, you will identify, select, and submit 20 additional items. You can work weekly or all at once. You choose. Your work will total 17.5% of your final grade if you choose this option. 

(b) stand on your research from the post-break period alone. If you follow this option, you will identify, elect, and submit 35 additional items. You can work weekly or all at once. You choose. Your work will be worth 24% if you select this option.