There are nine weeks of Weekly Archival Research. Collectively, these assignments are worth 15% of your final grade.

Beginning in the second week of class, you will be responsible for locating, identifying, and describing artifacts related to black students at WCU (and beyond). Each week, we’ll devote Friday class time to archival research. Using your time during Friday’s class and other times throughout the week, this assignment asks you to use our seminar’s theme (the Lives of Black Students at WCU) to locate items of relevance, identify those items (using the methods provided by your course instructors), and describe those items accurately. 


  1. You must locate, identify, describe, and input a minimum of five items each week (follow research guide for locating and selecting artifacts)
  2. Each item must be unique (e.g., it does not already exist on the Black Students’ Lives site)
  3. For each item, enter the required information for that item type into the project’s Omeka Site at (follow recipe for adding an item below)
  4. After making the item in the Omeka site, insert the URL from the item page in Omeka into the D2L Quiz
  5. Each week’s work is graded  P/F based on completeness, timeliness, and attention to detail with the archival material.

Research Guides

Recipes for Adding Items in Omeka